Piero Atchugarry Gallery


As the art world continues to expand its global reach, one gallery has emerged as a dynamic hub connecting the creative communities of Europe, Latin America, and North America. The Piero Atchugarry Gallery, founded in 2013 by art enthusiast Piero Atchugarry, has established itself as an influential platform for contemporary artists working across diverse mediums.

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Humble Beginnings in Uruguay

The gallery’s story begins in the charming town of Pueblo Garzón, Uruguay, where Atchugarry opened the doors to his inaugural exhibition space. Showcasing a carefully curated selection of post-war Italian art, the gallery quickly gained recognition for its discerning eye and commitment to supporting international artistic voices.

Expansion to Miami’s Design District

In 2018, the Piero Atchugarry Gallery made its mark on the North American art scene by opening a second location in the vibrant Design District of Miami, Florida. This expansive 9,000-square-foot warehouse provided the gallery with the space to further amplify its program, presenting solo and group exhibitions for a diverse roster of contemporary artists.

A Nexus of Global Talent

From its dual hubs in Uruguay and Miami, the Piero Atchugarry Gallery has cultivated a reputation for discovering and championing both emerging and established artists. The gallery’s program spans a wide range of mediums, including sculpture, conceptual art, painting, and more, reflecting its dedication to showcasing the breadth of contemporary artistic expression.

Fostering Cross-Cultural Dialogues

By maintaining a presence in both Latin America and North America, the Piero Atchugarry Gallery has become a vital conduit for cultural exchange. The gallery’s exhibitions and collaborations facilitate meaningful dialogues between artists and audiences across borders, enriching the global art landscape.

A Commitment to Innovation and Exploration

As the art world continues to evolve, the Piero Atchugarry Gallery remains at the forefront of innovation, consistently pushing the boundaries of what a contemporary art space can be. Through its dynamic programming, international reach, and unwavering dedication to artistic excellence, the gallery has solidified its position as a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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