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In the captivating world of fine art, where stories are told through unique creations, EMS GROUP stands as the embodiment of fine art logistics – seamlessly transporting, preserving, and safeguarding the world’s precious objects with precision and care.






Art Installation


Ensuring the safety of art collections and precious objects is our top priority. Our experienced art technicians carefully handle packing, unpacking and installation at galleries, museums, retail spaces, private residences, event spaces and institutions. We focus on fine art installation and creative fabrication.
galleries, museums, interiors and art fairs 
residential and commercial projects 
2D or 3D objects 
interior and exterior install projects 


Domestic | International Import︱Export
AirOcean, Freight service ensures a secure and efficient shipping solution for single or multiple pieces. Our import/export team oversees the entire process including documentation, customs, duties, insurance, transportation, receiving, inspection and storage. 
Our private shuttles are ideal for local deliveries, project installation, private collections, high value items, exhibitions, trade shows and exclusive shipments.
domestic and international shipping service 
dedicated trucking 
last minute urgent shipping 
via air, ground and sea
import/export customs formalities 


In house packing and crate fabrication for any object. Our inventive solutions produce crates for some of the most complex items. We also offer a range of simple and economical crates for commonplace pieces. (IPPC Certified)
in-house crate fabrication 
in house crate fabrication 
fabrication of unique objects for brand activations
packing solution for multiple mediums of artwork


We focus on fine art installation, project staging and creative fabrication. Our working style is collaborative in nature. We bring our expertise and resources to your project, coordinating our skills with your needs and vision. Together we work on planning, implementation and completion of your project.
receiving and consolidation of objects 
interior project installation and staging services
climate controlled storage 
object inspection, condition check and digital inventory control  


Secure storage and warehousing solutions designed for all art & design objects. Our team carefully inspects and photo documents each item. We offer a complete condition report along with a secure online client portal for your peace of mind. 
24/7 secure storage facility 
digital photo inventory 
warehouse staff on site 
temporary or permanent storage solutions


Our white-glove delivery and moving service is ideal for furniture and household moving projects. Our team of expert handlers pack, deliver, stage and install items designed for residential and commercial projects. We service domestic and international markets. 
white glove service
dedicated trucks or vans
domestic shuttle service
last minute and urgent shipping service

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