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As the cultural capital of the world, New York City is home to one of the most vibrant and active fine art communities on the planet. From world-renowned museums like the Metropolitan Museum of Art to cutting-edge galleries in Chelsea and collectors across the five boroughs, New York is a hub for valuable and irreplaceable artwork. 

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Proper conservation and care is crucial for these masterpieces, antiques, and precious objects. Climate, light, humidity, pests, pollution and a myriad of other factors can quickly degrade fine art if not stored correctly. Our company has been providing professional fine art storage solutions in New York City for over 50 years. We understand the specialized needs of the NYC art community and aim to protect your collection with the same level of care it deserves.

Climate-Controlled Art Storage Facilities in NYC

One of the biggest threats to fine art is fluctuating temperature and humidity levels. Our state-of-the-art storage facilities in Manhattan and Brooklyn are fully climate-controlled to museum standards. Temperature is maintained at 68-72°F while relative humidity is kept between 45-55% – ideal benchmarks for artwork preservation.

Our engineers closely monitor conditions and calibrate systems to meet the specific needs of different mediums. For example, photography and works on paper require lower lighting levels than sturdier oil paintings. We adjust storage areas accordingly. With separate spaces for different art types, your collection remains protected from light, humidity and gases that could cause pigments to fade or canvases to warp.

Our storage facilities also incorporate the latest security features like 24-hour video surveillance, motion sensors, and guarded access. Fire suppression systems and protocols further safeguard your fine art from potential damage. You can have complete peace of mind that your collection is safe in our climate-controlled, high-security storage spaces.

Customized Fine Art Storage Solutions in New York City

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, we collaborate with clients to design fully customized storage solutions tailored to your collection’s needs. For larger collections, we can create private, room-sized vaults equipped with specialized lighting, shelving, work areas and any other features beneficial for display, handling and conservation of your artworks.

Some customizations include cold storage for film and media, extra tall 14ft+ ceilings to accommodate monumental contemporary works, reinforced concrete floors for heavy sculptures and antiques, and climate-controlled vaults to protect against humidity. We also integrate Museum Gel perimeter barriers as an added safeguard for vibration and impact. Our seasoned design team consults directly with you to actualize a layout optimized for your artwork.

For those seeking more economical options, we also offer shared, flexible storage plans with individual security coded lockers accessible on-demand. These provide affordable, short-term solutions while still maintaining museum-grade climate controls and the same facility security protocols. You only pay for the space needed, and can scale up or down as your collection changes. No matter your budget or space requirements, we can customize storage that satisfies your unique needs.

Comprehensive Inventory Management and Tracking 

A key component of our service includes meticulous documentation and inventory management. Upon arrival, each piece is thoroughly inspected and logged into our inventory system with description notes, photography, accession number, storage barcode and condition status. Oversized or complex works may be annotated with additional diagrams and handling instructions for art handlers.

This documentation serves as a comprehensive manifest that is accessible 24/7 through your private client portal. You can instantly view real-time information on locations and status for all artworks in storage. Within storage facilities, barcoded tags on storage units and individual crates enable precise inventory tracking and rapid retrieval.

While stored, we perform regular condition checks and inspections to identify any concerns early on. Any changes are immediately noted in the inventory system and communicated to clients. Prior to retrieval or outgoing loans, we provide a full status update and condition report on stored artworks. Our rigorous attention to detail gives clients confidence their collection is monitored and cared for while in storage. 

White Glove Transportation, Packing and Installation 

In addition to storage, we also provide specialized white glove handling, packing and transportation to safely deliver artwork to and from our facilities. Our team of art handlers are experts in specialized techniques for delicate moving and installation of paintings, antiques, photography, sculptures and all other fine art mediums. 

For local transportation, we maintain a fleet of climate-controlled vans equipped with humidity monitors, wrapping blankets, straps and supports to provide stability in transit and prevent jostling or unnecessary vibration. We also offer comprehensive packing and crating services using archival materials – ethafoam, muslin, cardboard corner protectors, etc. – designed specifically for fine art protection.

For artworks headed to museums, galleries, or collectors, our installers handle every detail seamlessly including unpacking, uncrating, positioning artwork, adjusting lighting, and touching up any minor damage incurred. We have experience installing collections small and large for both private and corporate clients across New York City and the world. No project is too large or complex for our seasoned art handlers.

When shipping globally, our team handles international freight logistics and trade compliance. We build specialized containers and cases engineered to airline/ocean carrier specifications while securing artwork from any movement, pressure changes or climate fluctuations during transport. No matter the destination, we get artwork there safely and on schedule.

Rush Storage and Emergency Response in NYC 

While climate controls and security protocols protect artwork from most issues, unexpected damages or incidents can occur suddenly. For urgent needs like emergency relocations, event cancellations, weather incidents, or other time-sensitive issues, our team can mobilize quickly for rapid response. 

As members of the greater NYC art community for over 50 years, we understand the need to accommodate last-minute requests, venue changes, replacements, or other emergency needs to keep clients operational. Our facilities are available for immediate assistance 24/7. Whether it is an extra exhibition loan or emergency storage after an incident, we can provide secure solutions on short notice so you maintain business continuity.

When your artwork is involved, quick reaction time and experience handling unexpected scenarios is critical. We have worked through countless unknowns – blackouts, storage floods, shipment delays and more – resolving each situation through careful coordination under pressure. Your artwork remains protected regardless of circumstance. Our priority is always delivering secure, rapid solutions for whatever situation arises.

Serving the NYC Art Community 

With extensive experience working within New York’s vibrant arts landscape, our fine art storage, transportation, and installation services are tailored specifically to assist artists, collectors, museums, galleries, auction houses and all members of the NYC cultural community. As your collection changes, so do our customizable storage solutions, handling expertise and commitment to your artwork’s integrity. Contact us today to learn more!

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