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As an increasingly recognized hub for artists, galleries, collectors and cultural institutions, Los Angeles requires proper professional-grade storage solutions to care for its thriving fine art community. The temperate climate draws artists and collectors seeking inspiring landscapes, studio spaces and cultural scenes. 

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Prestigious museums like LACMA and the Getty along with cutting-edge galleries in neighborhoods from Santa Monica to Chinatown have put LA firmly on the art world map. As more precious, irreplaceable works arrive in the region, specialized storage is crucial for their longevity. Our company has provided fine art storage services in Los Angeles for over 20 years, working with artists, estates, museums, galleries and collectors to protect invaluable works.

Climate-Controlled Art Storage Facilities Across LA

Maintaining ideal temperature and humidity levels is the most crucial factor in art storage. Our facilities in prime locations across LA like Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Glendale and more incorporate state-of-the-art HVAC systems to regulate conditions precisely according to museum benchmarks. 

Temperature is kept at 68-72°F while relative humidity is maintained between 45-55% – the optimal range to prevent dimensional changes, warping, mold growth, pests and other climate-related degradation. Our on-site engineers monitor systems 24/7 to ensure stability suited for every medium from photography and pastels to oil paintings and wood sculptures. Separate storage areas provide additional protection.

Our storage facilities also implement the latest security protocols like 24-hour video monitoring, keycard access control, on-site personnel and immediate response alarms. With fire suppression systems and careful emergency protocols also in place, your artwork remains protected from all possible incidents. Our facilities provide the ideal environment for both short and long-term preservation of invaluable fine art.

Comprehensive Inventory Management and Cataloging

A core component of our service includes meticulous documentation and inventory management for all stored artwork. Upon arrival, each piece undergoes inspection by our art handling specialists, noting details on condition, materials, measurements and any other relevant factors. 

Everything is cataloged with photography, written description, assigned accession number and barcoded location tag. This manifest with images provides an invaluable reference on your collection and each artwork’s unique characteristics to inform proper handling and care. 

All records are accessible 24/7 through your private client portal. You can instantly view real-time status and location data on any works in storage. For loans, rotations, retrieval or conservation needs, our systems rapidly pinpoint any piece’s exact storage site. Regular inspections also update documentation with notes on changing condition to identify any concerns immediately. Our attention to detail keeps your artwork well maintained and accounted for at all times.

Fully Customized Art Storage Spaces and Services 

Rather than cookie-cutter storage units, we collaborate with each client to create tailored spaces that benefit your artwork’s specific needs. For large collections, we can engineer full-scale vaults equipped with specialized lighting, shelving, workshop areas, cold storage and any other beneficial features. Extra tall 14ft+ ceilings easily accommodate monumental contemporary pieces and heavy concrete floors provide reinforced support for substantial sculptures or antiques.

For those seeking more economical options, we also offer shared, flexible plans with individual lockers accessible as needed. No matter your collection’s scale, scope or budget, our design team consults directly with you to optimize storage for your unique requirements. Partnering white glove transportation, packing/crating, photography, framing and other auxiliary services yields a personalized solution surrounding your most vital needs – keeping art safe.

Experienced Guidance on Collection Management

For artists, galleries, estates and collectors managing sizable inventories, we provide guidance on navigating priorities like risk assessment, valuation, acquisitions, loans, fundraising and long-term collection care. Our team of experienced consultants objectively represents your best interests.

We help collectors make informed decisions on acquiring or deaccessioning work, guiding negotiations and contracts. On authentication and conservation issues, we connect clients with trusted researchers and restorers. For insurance appraisals, we coordinate reputable experts to value holdings. Whatever priorities arise for your collection, our insight on both art market dynamics and maintaining integrity provides a trustworthy perspective.

Emergency Fine Art Storage and Response

Despite best efforts, unforeseen circumstances can suddenly put artwork at risk. For urgent storage needs, emergency relocation due to incidents or disasters, shipment delays, venue issues and other priorities requiring immediate response, our facilities are available 24/7. 

Our team can mobilize on short notice to temporarily store artwork and mitigate further threats. We have successfully assisted galleries, museums, collectors and estates through countless scenarios – floods, wildfires, renovation issues, event cancellations and more, rapidly transporting and securing fine art until arrangements are made. When your irreplaceable works suddenly require emergency care, we provide it anytime, day or night.  

Los Angeles has firmly emerged as an influential hub within the global art world. As more invaluable cultural treasures arrive in the region daily, proper care and housing ensures these works are preserved for future generations. With years of experience providing specialized fine art storage and services tailored to LA’s art community, we would be delighted to discuss your needs. Please reach out to learn more and get a custom quote!

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