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Miami has emerged as a major hub for the arts, culture, and design over the past few decades. As a cosmopolitan oceanfront city with a vibrant arts scene, Miami attracts artists, galleries, collectors, and art aficionados from around the world.

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This rise in Miami’s arts prominence has led to an increasing need for specialized fine art shipping and logistics services to help facilitate the movement of valuable artworks to, from, and within the city.

In this blog post, we will explore the unique considerations around shipping fine art in Miami, and provide an overview of best practices and what to look for when selecting a qualified fine art shipping company for your needs.

The Fine Art Landscape of Miami

Miami is home to world-class museums and galleries like the Perez Art Museum Miami, the Institute of Contemporary Art, the Bass Museum of Art, the de la Cruz Collection, and the Rubell Museum. 

The city plays host to premier international art fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami, SCOPE Miami, and Untitled Art. Miami’s Wynwood District contains one of the largest concentrations of murals and street art in the country. Private collectors also abound, and emerging local artists have gained global recognition in recent years.

This vibrant arts ecosystem leads to extensive shipping activity of extremely valuable and sometimes irreplaceable cultural artifacts. Specialist art shippers with extensive experience, appropriate staffing, and specialized equipment are required to properly handle fine art logistics in this unique environment. Miami’s climate also poses potential concerns like humidity, salt air, and the threat of extreme weather events.

The Necessity for Specialist Fine Art Shipping in Miami

Miami’s thriving and complex art ecosystem necessitates enlisting specialist fine art shipping providers to expertly facilitate all logistics. There are artifacts that simply require expert care, and there is too much at stake to trust non-specialists with the responsibility. Protect the fine art investments by partnering with seasoned professionals and access their specialized services.

Consultation and Customized Planning

Each piece of art has unique considerations around size, medium, fragility, value and display requirements. When shipping fine art in Miami, leveraging specialists who provide consultation and tailored solutions is advised.

Knowledgeable consultants will offer services like:

  • In-person assessment of your collection’s condition, value, and complexities.
  • Guidance on packing, crating, transportation and display methodologies tailored to the art media present and your timeline.
  • Assistance organizing the peripheral logistics like permits, loans, couriers, customs, taxes, authentication, etc.
  • Consolidating the moving process including storage, cleaning, reframing, restoration etc.
  • Recommendations on security, environmental and risk management strategies.
  • Advice on navigating insurance, legalities, and regulations around fine art transactions.
  • Ongoing support to serve as your logistics partner for all future acquisitions and collection needs.

Take advantage of the expertise specialized fine art shippers bring to the table. Have them visit your collection for an obligation-free analysis of how best to streamline the moving process while fully protecting your investment.

Real-Time Tracking and Security

When shipping valuable fine art, real-time visibility and security throughout the transit process offers peace of mind. Leading fine art logistics companies offer state-of-the-art tracking and monitoring capabilities such as:

  • GPS satellite tracking of trucks and cargo that relays location in real time.
  • Traffic monitoring to dynamically route around congestion and delays.
  • Certified security personnel accompanying high-value shipments.
  • Tamper-evident seals and RFID tracking if required.
  • Continuous video surveillance of vehicles and facilities.
  • Climate sensor tracking of temperature, humidity, shock, and light exposure.
  • Live 24/7 monitoring and intervention capabilities if outliers are detected.
  • Robust cybersecurity around shipment data and tracking systems.
  • Contingency planning and redundant operations centers to manage unforeseen incidents.

This level of visibility and control is expected when shipping fine art of substantial value. Verify that your provider leverages integrated technologies and responsive staffing to secure and actively track your shipment from door to door.

Unpacking and Installation Assistance

A premium fine art shipping provider will offer end-to-end support that includes careful unpacking of your artwork at its destination and assistance installing it properly on-site. These complementary services ensure an extra level of care and attention to detail:

  • Assess packaging integrity and artwork condition upon arrival before unpacking.
  • Provide professional uncrating using proper tools and techniques suited to the media type.
  • Clearly communicate condition reporting and any observations during the unpacking process.
  • Provide white glove assistance with positioning and placement of art per owner or curator instructions.
  • For complex installations, offer consultation on specialized hanging systems, display case design, lighting considerations, etc.
  • Take care to remove all refuse and leave the space clean after uncrating and installation.
  • Be prepared to provide follow-up maintenance advice related to the art’s medium and the environmental conditions.

Partnering with a full-service fine art shipper that offers these options takes the hassle out of the final mile while ensuring your investment arrives and is installed with expert oversight.

Checklist for Fine Art Shipping in Miami

When selecting a fine art shipping company to assist with your needs in Miami, there are a number of important factors to consider:

  • Do they specialize exclusively in fine art shipping, or is it an ancillary service? Specialists understand the unique requirements.
  • What is their experience shipping to/from/within Miami specifically? Local expertise is invaluable.
  • Do they have climate-controlled, museum-grade storage and transportation capabilities? This is essential in Miami’s environment.
  • Are they well-versed in all relevant regulations and paperwork for domestic and international shipments? Artwork transactions often have complex customs and legal components.
  • What security protocols and real-time tracking capabilities do they offer? High-value art requires strict controls and visibility at all times.
  • What is their reputation and history? Reputable specialists have longstanding relationships with the local arts community.
  • Do they offer complementary services like valuation, consultation, packing and crating, delivery, installation, storage, etc? A “one-stop shop” streamlines the process.
  • Are they insured? Specialist art shippers carry substantial cargo insurance policies. Ask about coverage details.
  • How do they prioritize safety and loss prevention? Handling procedures, staff training credentials, and risk management matter.

How to Choose a Reliable Fine Art Shipping Company

When selecting a fine art shipper to partner with in Miami, reputation and expertise should outweigh cost in importance. Some key considerations:

Insurance and Documentation

  • Make sure the company is properly insured to cover rare and expensive artworks. Confirm they can provide certificates of insurance.
  • Understand how they document condition reports, organize paperwork, and track chain of custody.

Assessment and Consultation

  • Select a company that will personally assess the artwork and your overall needs via site visits and direct conversations. Beware of “online estimates” alone.
  • They should provide guidance on best practices, regulations, optimal timing, routing, packing requirements, etc. based on your specific artworks.

Packaging Solutions

  • Do they design and construct specialized crates and packaging in-house for delicate items if needed? This expertise is crucial.
  • Are packaging materials museum-grade and acid-free? Common carriers often won’t take the required care.

Coordination with Art Conservators

  • Reputable companies facilitate any required unframing, stretching, restoration, cleaning or repair using trusted conservation partners before packing and shipping.


  • What methods of climate-controlled transport do they utilize? Options like temperature-controlled trucks and air ride suspension are often required by collectors and galleries when shipping fine art.
  • Can they provide safe, bonded art shuttle services for local transportation if needed?
  • Ask about any specialized lifting equipment they employ like cranes and boom trucks.

Delivery and Installation

  • White glove service by experienced staff for secure delivery and installation is ideal, versus leaving artwork on the curb.
  • Do they unpack and inspect artwork upon delivery to verify it arrives in original condition?

Working with EMS Group for Your Fine Art Shipping Needs in Miami

Entrusting your fine art shipping needs in Miami to our team at EMS group means opting for an experience marked by professionalism, dedication, and expertise. Known for our comprehensive service portfolio that encapsulates every aspect of art logistics, we stand as a beacon of reliability in the realm of art transportation.

From offering consultation and customized planning solutions to ensuring seamless coordination with art conservators, we embody a commitment to safeguarding your fine art at every juncture. Our adeptness in navigating complex customs procedures, coupled with the provision of real-time tracking and security, guarantees peace of mind and a seamless shipping experience. With a proven track record of success, working with us promises not only the safe transit of your artworks but also a partnership that values and honors the intrinsic worth and story of each piece entrusted to our care.

A Brief Background on EMS Group Fine Art Services

Established in 2011, EMS Group has rapidly cemented its status as a frontrunner in the sphere of fine art services, offering a wide array of solutions that extend beyond merely shipping. Situated in the pulsating hub of creativity and artistic endeavor, this privately held company is fueled by a dynamic team of entrepreneurs, problem-solvers, and project management enthusiasts who thrive in the vibrant spaces where art and logistics intersect.

Leveraging strategic partnerships and a diverse skill set, they offer services that span from fine art shipping and installation to custom crating and storage, embodying a relentless pursuit to exceed client expectations at every turn. Their extensive clientele, featuring prestigious names such as David Zwirner and Sotheby’s, attests to their commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Expertise in Handling Fine Art in Miami

In the vibrant and dynamic art scene of Miami, we have emerged as a trusted name, renowned for our adeptness and expertise in handling precious fine art pieces with utmost precision and care. Our in-depth understanding of the art landscape in the city enables us to offer tailored solutions that meet the distinct needs of galleries, collectors, and artists alike. Our team of seasoned professionals, who excel in navigating the multifaceted dimensions of art shipping and installation, work diligently to ensure the integrity and safety of every artwork in our custody.

From crafting bespoke packaging solutions to offering insightful consultation and customized planning, our services are comprehensive, drawing upon a rich tapestry of experience and an unyielding commitment to client satisfaction. We stand as a beacon of excellence in the Miami art sector, facilitating a seamless journey for artworks from their origin to their new destination, with a promise of security and professionalism at every step.

If you have any questions or would to work with us on your next shipment, Contact us here.