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With its world-renowned museums, boundary-pushing galleries, thriving arts scene and natural beauty, San Francisco stands as an alluring cultural destination. As more invaluable artwork arrives in the region daily, proper care during handling, installation and transportation protects these assets for future generations. Our company has years of experience providing premier fine art services tailored to meet the needs of San Francisco’s vibrant arts community. We handle your cherished assets with the utmost care and attention at every stage.

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Providing Safe Fine Art Transit in the Bay Area

To achieve smooth transit for fragile artifacts, our climate-controlled vehicles carefully regulate temperature and humidity during local transportation within San Francisco and between other West Coast art hubs. Fluctuating climate and moisture can quickly warp canvases, fade pigments and grow mold if unchecked. Our systems maintain optimal benchmarks to prevent such exposure. 

Vehicles also contain air ride suspension paired with interior straps, blankets and padding to gently stabilize artwork and avoid shifts. Our drivers complete rigorous training focused on cautious acceleration, braking and cornering to minimize sudden jolts, rapid turns and bumps during transport. These refined skills have been honed over years of handling priceless museum acquisitions, one-of-a-kind gallery treasures and high-value collections.

For local art transportation within the Bay Area, we design expedited routes accounting for the region’s distinct traffic patterns and geography. Our specialists understand how to navigate the area’s highways, bridges and landmarks to achieve timely fine art delivery across cities like San Francisco, Marin, Berkeley and more. 

For longer transport beyond the Bay, we operate regular climate-controlled shuttle routes between San Francisco and other West Coast art markets like Los Angeles and Seattle. These consolidated shuttle services offer a convenient, affordable option for galleries, museums and collectors to ship artwork between cities. 

Custom Packing and Crating for Protection 

How artifacts are packed is equally essential for protection in transit and storage. Our experts thoroughly analyze each piece – factors like proportion, fragility, weight and material sensitivities inform the ideal custom solution. Specialty archival materials like ethafoam, muslin, cardboard and modular supports chosen specifically for each artifact prevent scrapes, cracks or breaks.

We build durable, reusable wooden crates custom-sized for a snug fit. Crate interiors contain specialty padding and braces engineered to firmly immobilize contents. For overseas shipping, we ensure compliance with protocols protecting cargo from pressure shifts, moisture, drops or impacts. No item leaves without solutions designed specifically for its safe passage.

Complete Installation Services for Art Presentation

For galleries, museums, businesses or private collectors, our art specialists handle complete installation services, both minor in scale and grand in size, to actualize exhibition visions. No job is too small or monumental for our handlers highly experienced in smoothly orchestrating intricate gallery rotations, fully realized museum retrospectives and more.

We act as partners in realizing display goals, providing guidance on arrangements and assisting with all details like plinths, vitrines, lighting and signage. Our teams have expertise adeptly installing any medium, from historical paintings to towering sculptures to mixed media, while protecting existing architecture. Whether a single lobby piece or coordinating a multi-site corporate collection, our tailored solutions allow you to focus purely on curation.

Climate-Controlled Art Storage and Collection Care  

In addition to transportation and installation, we also offer specialized short and long-term art storage solutions to protect collections during transitions. Our secure, climate-regulated warehouses and private vaults safeguard against environmental shifts that could degrade artwork over time. You can access real-time records on your collection through our online client portal anytime.

For extended art storage, we design fully-customized, controlled environments tailored specifically for our clients’ needs. While stored, we continuously monitor conditions and perform regular inspections to identify any concerns early. No matter if a single item or a full exhibition inventory, your treasures remain protected until their next destination.

Responding to Rush and Emergency Art Requests

Despite diligent planning, unexpected art needs can arise suddenly requiring urgent attention – an acquisition for an impromptu event, damage to a piece needing rapid replacement or relocation due to an incident. Available 24/7, our team can mobilize on short notice for emergency assistance.

We maintain readiness to urgently respond to any unplanned scenario. Our longstanding Bay Area relationships allow us to coordinate specialized rapid solutions for institutions, galleries and collectors when circumstances require it. Whether a transportation route across the city or stabilizing a collection during a fire, our specialists have successfully provided urgent aid countless times over the decades. No situation is too daunting for our team’s expertise.

With years experience providing tailored fine art mastery on behalf of San Francisco’s vibrant arts community, we take pride in assisting acclaimed museums along with the next generation of artists and galleries continuing the region’s creative legacy. Please contact us today to learn more about protecting your fine art assets.

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