Fine Art Services and Transport


Handling and mobilizing fine art, antiques, artifacts and other cultural treasures requires specialized expertise. These often priceless, irreplaceable objects deserve solutions tailored to their fragile nature and value. Our company has provided premier fine art transportation and worldwide shipping services protecting clients’ cherished assets across any distance.

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Smooth Transportation Tailored for Fine Art

To provide a stable environment in transit, our climate-controlled trucks and trailers maintain optimal temperature and humidity using interior sensors. Sophisticated suspension systems create a smooth ride without vibrations that could shift valuables. Vehicles contain protective interior padding – blankets, foam blocks, specialty straps – engineered to gently stabilize fragile items.  

Our drivers complete extensive training focused on cautious acceleration, braking and cornering to protect fine art cargo. Proper handling and driving techniques prevent sudden stops, rapid turns and unnecessary bumps during transport. For oversized antiquities and large contemporary sculptures, we operate specialty flatbeds and large box trucks with hydraulic lift gates for easy, safe loading. Our customized transportation fleet is designed specifically for the unique requirements of safely mobilizing fragile, precious artifacts across all road conditions and distances.

Coast-to-Coast Domestic Transportation

We provide specialized temperature-controlled transportation of fine art, antiques, memorabilia and other high-value collectibles across the United States. No matter if it is a short trip across town or long-haul route across states, our drivers are trained to handle your precious cultural possessions with the utmost care and personal attention. 

For a more cost-effective option, clients can choose from our consolidated shuttle routes operating between major hubs nationwide. These scheduled services offer affordable ground transit for galleries, museums and collectors regularly moving artwork between locations. For direct express service tailored to your unique timeline, we facilitate exclusive transportation, with a dedicated vehicle and driver focused solely on moving your invaluable artifacts safely and efficiently. Our capabilities allow us to get cherished collectibles and assets delivered securely coast-to-coast.

International Shipping Services Across the Globe  

For prized possessions like rare Tiffany lamps, ancient pottery or vintage racing cars bound overseas, we coordinate specialized air freight and ocean shipping globally. Our team handles every aspect from procuring export licenses to final international delivery, overseeing each step in between. We engineer custom wooden crates and cases with interior padding and climate monitors to track conditions throughout overseas transit.

No matter if your artifacts are destined for Europe, Asia, Africa, South America or anywhere across the world, we maintain trusted relationships with reputable logistics partners in each region to facilitate coordinated overseas shipping and customs clearance. For individual pieces, we stabilize items within shared containers. For entire collections, we can charter an entire aircraft hold. Our mission remains protecting your precious cargo until safely placed into the hands of recipients across the globe.

Engineered Packaging Tailored For Each Piece  

Safe transportation begins with proper packing engineered specifically for the specialized handling needs of each artifact. Our experts thoroughly assess paintings, sculpture, antiques, ceramics, glasswork, fossils, memorabilia and objects of all mediums. We determine technical factors like weight, proportion, fragility, and material sensitivity to inform the ideal custom solution.

Sensitive items prone to scraping, denting or breaking utilize specialty archival materials like ethafoam, layered muslin, corrugated cardboard and modular supports tailored to each piece’s shape to prevent damage. We build durable, reusable wooden crates custom-sized for a snug fit with interior padding and braces specifically engineered to immobilize contents. For overseas shipping, we ensure compliance with protocols for safeguarding cargo from high altitude pressure shifts, moisture, drops or impacts. No artifact leaves our facility without packaging solutions designed to protect it.

White Glove Transportation and Delivery

For extremely high value, fragile or irreplaceable artifacts and collectibles, our white glove service provides an extra level of personal care and handling. Our specialized art couriers will personally accompany the piece from start to finish – gentle packing, overseeing transportation, final delivery and opening the crate only when safely at the destination. This ensures smooth white glove service from origin to receipt.

Prominent museums, galleries, auction houses and collectors rely on our white glove offering when transporting crown jewel pieces for major loans, new acquisitions and other invaluable shipments requiring VIP treatment. We understand the desire for personal accountability at each step when transporting prized assets. Our couriers’ sole purpose is ensuring your precious cargo travels safely under their direct personal supervision.

Transportation Services for Major Exhibitions and Art Fairs 

For art fairs, galleries and museums, we provide complete transportation services for high-value traveling exhibitions and collections. Our logistics teams are highly experienced in methodically packing, tracking, and coordinating time-sensitive deliveries for intricate exhibition tours across multiple venues while meeting strict deadlines.  

We understand the intricacies of carefully dismantling, packing and re-installing large shows locally and globally. For a single fair booth, we ensure the artwork arrives timely and ready for immediate display. For an entire museum retrospective spanning countries, we handle the precious cargo with care and efficiency at each tour stop. No show transportation project is too complex for our exhibition logistics specialists.

Serving Clients with Cherished Cultural Assets

At our company’s core is a passion for preserving clients’ precious artifacts, from family heirlooms to museum centerpieces. Proper care and handling expertise helps protect these assets’ legacy for future generations. We understand each piece represents someone’s cherished memories or connects us to our shared cultural heritage.

With our extensive experience providing tailored transportation and worldwide shipping solutions, we are ready to assist with any fine art and collectibles logistics needs. Please reach out today to learn more and receive a custom quote designed to safely mobilize your invaluable cultural objects across any distance.

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