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With renowned contemporary art museums, a thriving gallery scene across dynamic neighborhoods, and no shortage of creativity, Los Angeles has firmly established itself as a premier West Coast arts destination. As invaluable cultural artifacts continue arriving daily, proper installation and display brings these works to life. Our company has years of experience providing premier fine art installation services tailored for LA’s vibrant art community. We handle your priceless assets with great care and passion, helping realize your creative visions.  

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Offering Complete Installation Services

We provide comprehensive installation and exhibition services to bring your artistic concepts to reality across museums, galleries, homes, offices and all venues. Our specialists assess spaces to engineer a cohesive design aligned with your creative vision. For galleries, we arrange displays complementing curators’ narratives. In residences, we tailor art placement to complement homeowners’ existing architecture and aesthetics. No matter your distinct style, our customized solutions integrate artwork into environments through meticulous composition specific to each location. 

Whether installing a single painting or an entire collection, our experts handle all details like display furniture, vitrines, wall labels and lighting to artfully showcase works within spaces. We enable you to focus purely on curation while we translate your conceptual goals into polished, professional exhibitions.  

Our Teams Provide Specialized Art Handling Expertise

While project managers engineer overarching visions, our art handling teams contribute specialized expertise working with delicate, invaluable artifacts. Our art specialists incorporate rigorous training on proper handling techniques tailored for different mediums using appropriate gloves, boards, blankets and specialty equipment. Caution during unpacking, positioning, leveling and lighting is essential for preventing damage. From initial uncrating through installation completion, our handlers treat each cultural asset with the customized care it deserves. No object leaves our attention without first being handled like the treasure it is. 

Installation Services for Oversized and Complex Artworks

For expansive contemporary sculptures, soaring monumental canvases, elaborate historical works, intricate multimedia exhibits and other special projects, our crews possess the right equipment, skills and field experience to actualize ambitious, large-scale designs. Within our warehouse, we have ample space to engineer innovative mounting solutions in consultation with artists and architects.  

We operate scissor lifts, custom harnesses and rigging apparatus to safely elevate and install massive artworks weighing thousands across lobby expanses, building exteriors, within atrium spaces and other intricate environments. No piece or exhibition concept is too large or complex for our seasoned installation teams. We also facilitate permitting, approvals and engineering assessments to seamlessly incorporate bold contemporary works within public spaces.

Efficient Art Fair and Event Installation Services 

For art fairs, festivals and major events, our teams work efficiently within extremely tight timelines and restrictive on-site parameters. No environment is too compact when approached with the right combination of techniques, technology and teamwork. We seamlessly install and dismantle multiple booths and full exhibitions across loading docks, restricted aisles and compact convention floorplans.  

Our art specialists provide guidance on ideal booth layouts, display furniture, signage and artwork arrangement tailored for each venue’s unique structure and visibility. For major conventions with hundreds of exhibitors across multiple piers, we synchronize crews spanning locations for rapid, coordinated installation just before doors open. Our tailored services allow you to focus purely on showcasing works, while we handle the demanding behind-the-scenes intricacies.

24/7 Rush and Emergency Installation Services 

Despite best efforts, unanticipated needs jeopardizing artwork can emerge suddenly. For urgent last-minute installation, rapid response or emergency relocations, our team is available 24/7 to immediately assist. We maintain readiness to mobilize crews urgently for any developing requirements.  

We have successfully collaborated with clients through severe weather delays, venue issues, damaged artwork necessitating immediate replacement and countless unforeseen scenarios needing an urgent yet composed reaction. By providing rapid, secure solutions, we empower you to maintain business continuity without hesitation. We recognize that response time is critical for protecting precious cultural treasures. 

Serving LA’s Thriving Contemporary Arts Community 

Los Angeles’ position within the global contemporary arts landscape continues to expand each year. As more invaluable collections and exhibitions arrive, proper installation and handling protects these assets for both current and future audiences. Our tailored services assist the area’s artists, institutions, designers and collectors in showcasing fine art to inspire communities. Please contact us today to learn more about actualizing your creative visions!

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