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Miami has cemented itself as one of the premier locations for fine art in the world. Home to world-renowned events like Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami, the Miami Beach Antique Show, and many more, Miami draws artists, galleries, collectors, and art aficionados from across the globe. The blossoming art scene has led to increasing demand for specialized art handling and installation services in Miami to properly transport, install, and display precious artwork. 

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Proper art handling requires experience, care, and expertise to safely transport and install high-value fine art. Our company has been providing professional art handling and installation services in Miami for over 10 years. We are the leaders in safely handling, transporting, and displaying all types of fine art for galleries, museums, private collectors, art fairs, and corporate clients across Miami and surrounding regions.

Art Transportation Services in Miami

Transporting fine art requires specialty vehicles and equipment to protect against shock, vibration, rapid temperature changes, humidity, and more. Our climate-controlled trucks and vans carefully regulate temperature and humidity for safe transportation of all artwork including paintings, antiques, photography, sculptures, glasswork, and more. 

We have an array of specialty tools and equipment like mechanical lifts, ramps, blankets, straps, and dollies to safely and securely load and unload fine art items. For oversized sculpture and large contemporary art, we have flatbed trucks capable of transporting the largest pieces. Our experienced drivers provide white glove art transportation services across Miami and surrounding areas.

For local moves within Miami, our vans and trucks allow quick and safe art transportation across the city. We provide art delivery and transport services for galleries, museums, collectors, designers and more. Our drivers are extremely cautious and take measures to prevent sudden braking, rapid acceleration or any unnecessary movement that may shift art in transport.

For longer moves, we provide domestic transportation services across the United States. We have established routes between Miami, New York, Los Angeles, and other major art hubs. Our specialized services ensure your fine art arrives safely at its destination without incurring any transit damage.

For recurring local art transportation needs, our specialized art shuttle provides route services connecting Miami, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and other cities along Florida’s southeast coast. Our shuttle offers an affordable and safe option for artists, galleries and collectors to move artwork between cities regularly. 

During Miami’s high-profile art weeks and fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach, we provide dedicated art transportation to safely deliver exhibit artworks and inventory to the convention center and other fair locations. We have transported artwork for top participating galleries from around the world, ensuring their valuable collections arrive on schedule and handled with care.

Art Packing and Crating Services 

Safe art packing and crating processes are crucial for protecting fine art during transport and storage. We take meticulous care in handling, wrapping, and securing each individual piece for either domestic or international transport in our custom-built crates.

For paintings, our specialists use archival materials like muslin wraps over canvas paintings before securing them in specialized slanted crates lined with ethafoam to avoid shifting. Fragile media like pastels or charcoal drawings are double-matted and packaged in ethafoam-lined crates to prevent smudging and damage.

Sculptures and three-dimensional art are carefully measured and secured through specialty mounts, braces and supports to avoid movement or tipping. Depending on the material, pieces may also be covered with padding or other protective materials before being safely mounted into crates.

Antiques and fragile decorative arts require extremely careful handling and packing. We use acid-free tissue paper, polyethylene foam wrapping, cardboard corner protectors, and other specialized materials to prevent any chipping, scraping, or other surface damage. 

For all pieces, we build custom-sized crates to provide a snug and secure fit tailored to each individual artwork. This prevents any shifting and movement within the crate during transit. For international shipments, we are experts in customs compliance and have established relationships with overseas partners to facilitate seamless delivery.

During packing, every artwork is meticulously documented through photographs, condition reports, and paperwork for inventory records. Our specialists handle each piece as if it were their own precious artwork. We also offer archival packing materials and assistance for artists and galleries who wish to pack and ship artwork themselves.

Artwork Installation and Hanging in Miami

In addition to art transport and packing, full-service installation is a key specialty of our art handling services. Our team has extensive expertise installing artwork, sculptures, and exhibitions in all settings – galleries, museums, convention centers, private homes/offices, and more. 

For galleries, we work closely to translate the curator’s vision into a meticulous installation, whether working with established artists or emerging unknowns. We handle all details including spacing paintings/photos, hanging from picture rail systems, positioning sculptures on plinths, adjusting display lighting, etc. 

For collectors, we provide white-glove in-home art installation tailoring the display and arrangement based on the client’s space. The installation may involve installing hanging rods, lighting, shelving, or re-working rooms to transform them into galleries. We also install explanatory signage and labels synchronized with the display.

For art fairs, we work within the parameters of the booth, using temporary walls, display furniture, pedestals, vitrines, lighting and all other elements needed to produce a polished, professional presentation. We arrange artwork to make the best use of the space allotted while accounting for visibility and traffic flow. 

Corporate collections require installing across multiple offices and floors which we can seamlessly coordinate. Our teams have expertise installing hundreds of pieces cleanly and efficiently across large multi-site projects. No job is too large or complex for our experienced art installation crews. 

We use specialty equipment like scissor lifts, boom lifts, and more to safely install artwork at height and in difficult to access areas. For large contemporary sculptures and installations, we provide tailored rigging solutions to properly anchor and support massive pieces. No matter the medium, size, weight or other factors, we hanlde every installation job with the same care and expertise.

Art Storage and Collection Management

In addition to transportation and installation, we also offer long and short-term art storage solutions. Our specialized warehouses and private vaults provide climate-controlled spaces to protect art collections from environmental damage during storage. 

For short-term storage, we offer solutions tailored to the needs of artists, galleries, collectors and museums in-between exhibitions, moves or other transitions. We have options ranging from shared economical storage to private vaults depending on client needs.

For long-term collection storage, our vaults provide secure and regulated environments that prevent art degradation over decades. Art may be stored for generations within a client’s family before retrieval, and we ensure it remains well-preserved over any length of time.

Upon receiving artwork, our team documents every piece creating a digital record with photographs, notes on condition, description, and other details. All records are accessible 24/7 through our online client portal. While artwork remains in storage, we provide regular inspection, maintenance, and detailed record-keeping on status and condition. Before any retrieval, we notify clients to provide updates on stored pieces. 

For large collections, we also advise clients on developing a strategy for managing loans, conservation, appraisals, insurance policies, and other needs over the storage duration. Our storage solutions provide peace of mind that your valuable artwork is protected and accounted for until the day it returns home.

Art Consultation Services

For collectors, galleries, and museums with large art collections, we offer specialized guidance and consultation from our team of experts. With backgrounds in museum curation, conservation, appraisal, academia, auction houses, and more, our consultants leverage their experiences to inform clients on all aspects of building, managing, and maintaining an art collection.

We provide support with collection management strategies for rotation, loans, acquisitions, deaccessions, inventory control, database management, and more tailored to the client’s needs and budget. Guidance on developing policies and procedures helps institutions operate efficiently.

For appropriate insurance coverage, we help clients understand policy needs, organize appraisals, and navigate discussions with insurers. Facilitating proper appraisals by reputable experts ensures collections are adequately insured and valued.

On questions of authenticity, we connect clients to researchers and experts who can fully vet the provenance of artwork. For identification of pieces, we provide informed opinions drawing from academic backgrounds in art history. 

For conversations on consigning or acquiring works, our market expertise delivers insights to inform sales, purchases, and bidding approaches. Knowledge of trends, valuations, and artist trajectories help collectors make sound investment decisions.

Bringing a non-commercial perspective, our consultants offer honest guidance focused solely on the client’s interests. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and connections provide trusted counsel at all levels of building or managing an art collection.

Rush Art Handling and Rapid Response in Miami 

Despite the most meticulous planning, unexpected needs can arise requiring quick art handling services. For sudden local transportation, last-minute collections for an opening, venue changes, or other urgent needs, our team can mobilize rapidly to assist clients in Miami and surrounding regions.

We understand the fast-paced nature of the art industry withtight turnarounds, shifting schedules, and emergency needs. Our teams are available 24/7 to accommodate rush art handling and installation requests day or night. Whether it is an unexpected delivery across town or rapid response to an incident, we are ready to assist anytime. 

For art fairs, we have aided with countless last-minute requests and changes. We can pack and transport artwork overnight from across the country, replace damaged works at a moment’s notice, rearrange booths on-site, and assist with any other emergency on the show floor or during setup. 

There are countless unpredictable circumstances like weather, accidents, delayed shipments, venue issues and more that can disrupt meticulous plans and require immediate changes. We have executed rapid response logistics to find solutions even in the most high-pressure scenarios. Our priority is always protecting the client’s artwork and interests.

The Miami Art Scene and Art Handling

Over the past decade, Miami has become one of the foremost art destinations in the world. The temperate climate and cosmopolitan allure make it an ideal second home for collectors. Top artists and galleries increasingly relocate to the city to be part of the burgeoning cultural scene. The Miami airport makes it easily accessible for art patrons domestically and abroad. 

Most significantly, Miami has become the epicenter for art fairs, shows, and festivals, including the most prestigious platforms. The debut of Art Basel Miami Beach in 2002 served as the catalyst. From just 22 galleries at its onset, the fair now draws over 200 global exhibitors and 80,000 visitors, launching Miami into the spotlight. 

Beyond Art Basel, Art Miami, CONTEXT, and other fairs under the Art Miami umbrella have further grown the scene. Events range from tastemaker shows like Design Miami to curated historical fairs like the Miami Beach Antique Show. Art Wynwood, SCOPE, Art on Paper and more conventions populate the winter art calendar. 

These high-profile fairs give emerging artists and top galleries a platform to showcase their works to a global network of curators, critics, and collectors. For visitors, they provide a chance to survey diverse works by established and newly discovered talents. 

The convening of such rare, valuable artwork makes professional art handling a fundamental need. Our services ensure collections transported to Miami and exhibited locally are handled safely and displayed to their best advantage. We understand how to work efficiently within the constraints of conventions and venues. Our expertise enables art patrons to focus on transacting and enjoying these one-of-a-kind experiences.

As the prestige of the shows expands, satellite fairs, gallery exhibits, and institutional programming have flourished across Miami extending beyond December’s main event calendar. Neighborhoods like Wynwood, Little Haiti, and Little River have developed as hubs for local artists and curators. Patrons now visit during quieter summer months to connect with the community and also transact. 

Year-round, galleries mount important shows for both local and international artists. Museums like PAMM and the Bass present thought-provoking exhibitions and installations. Miami Art Week has expanded connectivity and enthusiasm, energizing the scene 365 days a year. Our services work directly with artists and institutions to safely handle priceless artwork for regular local exhibitions and programming.

Miami’s flourishing art landscape also attracts private collectors to establish residences or second homes. The pleasant climate, scenic beauty, and cultural offerings make Miami an appealing place to live all or part of the year for art aficionados. We have installed residential art collections across mansions, penthouses, and luxury condos throughout the city. For seasonal residents, we also provide services like storage and maintenance while clients are away.

Miami’s cosmopolitan, global allure makes it a prime venue for corporate collections as well. New developments seek prestigious corporate art partnerships early on. Tech firms, financial companies and other major industries want to associate their brands with trendsetting art in their offices. Our expert teams have experience installing corporate collections across multiple sites and floors, handling hundreds of pieces.

The progress of Miami’s art scene in under 20 years has been remarkable. Every sector now recognizes Miami as an established cultural center that will continue to gain significance. As more precious art flows into the region, specialist care and expertise is required to properly handle these rare treasures and assets. Our professional art handling services provides the skill and reliability needed to both transport and showcase fine art safely.

Expert Fine Art Handling With Care in Miami

With years of providing professional fine art handling, transportation, installation, storage and consulting services in Miami, our team brings expertise tailored to your fine art needs:

– Fine art transportation via temperature and humidity-controlled trucks, shuttles, and vans equipped with hydraulic lifts, blankets, straps and all protective measures. Local, national, and worldwide delivery. 

– Packing and crating by specialists using archival, museum-grade materials custom built to fit each piece and prevent movement or shifting.

– White glove in-home installation, removal, and rearrangement of collections with optional custom lighting, display furniture, shelving, hanging systems, explanatory labels and more. 

– Art storage in climate-controlled, secure warehouses and vaults. Detailed documentation and record-keeping with regular inspection and maintenance. Online client portal.

– Guidance on collection management, valuation, authentication, conservation, insurance, acquisitions and other needs from our team of experienced art consultants. 

– 24/7 rapid response via our emergency art services for time-sensitive fine art handling or relocation needs.

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